Banks & Lenders

The Benefits of SCF by NorthPay for Banks and Other Lenders

Our web-based SCF platform serves banks and lenders of all types and sizes.  Our easy-to-use, cloud based, trade-payable platform provides banks opportunities for: increased fee income and line of credit utilization, new client product offerings, and access to new industries and markets.

  • NorthPay is your back-office operations for the platform (Turn-key solution).
  • Customizable and simple to use.
  • Positive client experience for the end user (bank client) and their vendors (suppliers).
  • Built to ramp SCF programs quickly.
  • Unlimited fee programs and combinations.
  • Revenue sharing.
  • Reduce risk by financing only buyer approved invoices.

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Highlights for Banks and Other Lenders

Meet Goals

Increase LOC utilization

Increase fee income

Add and retain deposit clients

New product offering

No change in the banks credit risk


$$$ Bank directly funds client’s early payments to vendors, generating fee income for the bank and increasing liquidity for the client

$$ Early vendor payments are funded with a client’s LOC, and fee income is shared

$ Client self-funds with cash, keeping most of the savings


Support all payment types-ACH, wire, checks, etc.

Scalable for banks and lenders of all sizes

Banks and clients control all aspects of their SCF program, and have total discretion over fees and terms

Vendors do not need to register to receive payments


What Bank Clients Need This?

NorthPay understands the demands on banks and their need to not only win and manage deposit accounts, but to also generate income while maintaining customer satisfaction.  NorthPay SCF program was created with these challenges in mind. Plus, it is flexible to meet the diverse needs of your clients. 

NorthPay Can Help

  • Clients whose vendors want to get paid early or whose vendors are already factoring.
  • Clients that are growing or need support or are looking for cost savings and A/P efficiencies.
  • Clients that want to extend their payment terms and add cash to their balance sheet.
  • Clients with large, unused Lines of Credit (LOC) who want to save money on every dollar they spend.  With NorthPay, this type of client would get money back every time their LOC was used to pay their vendors.

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