Our Process is Simple

NorthPay: Your Business Streamlined

  • Our technology serves companies of all sizes and can be used to optimize a business’s entire A/P and/or specific tiers of suppliers or even specified supplier(s). 
  • We can eliminate the need to cut paper checks.
  • Save time for your accounts payable department as no more time on the phone answering A/P collection questions or calls from factoring companies.
  • Extend your days payable, which means improved cash flow.
  • Best of all, we can brand the platform to your company.

The NorthPay process for both your company and suppliers is simple.

Here is the FLOW.

  1. The supplier generates invoice for goods or services rendered for your company.
  2. You approve the invoice via NorthPay SCF platform.
  3. If you approve of an early payment option, your vendors will be alerted by the NorthPay SCF platform.
  4. The NorthPay SCF platform will coordinate prompt, discounted payment that you approve.

Don’t let us tell you, let the numbers show you the story.

Contact us to schedule a demo to show you how our platform works and more importantly, how the NorthPay SCF program can positively affect your bottom line. During that demo we will also include our Simple Revenue Model that was created to show you the positive financial impact to your company in an easy-to-understand format.

Find out how Supply Chain Finance can help you!

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